Who we are

Who we are

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LIZAND Design Furniture

Our philosophy is simple – we’d like to create durable custom-made furniture with individual character in perfect quality!

We started our company in 2018 to produce high-quality, practical and inventive furniture for both corporate and individual clients on the Hungarian and external markets. The strive for quality is the key ingredient that makes us who we are. You will see excellence in everything we do.  It reflects many years of experience of our team of skilled carpenters and designers and the state-of-art equipment of our Budapest workshop.

It’s interesting that people often think about architecture and furniture as separate issues. Lots of people will design a house or a building and then go and buy furniture in a shop. But actually architects and carpenters are part of the same thing: how to use a given space the most effective way.  Custom-made furniture is the only way to make out the most of every inch of your home. And getting a piece of furniture tailored to your specific requirements need not to be expensive.

If you do not believe, just ask our prices!

Elisabeta VarhanyovszkiAndrás Szűcs


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